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About Us

Safe-N-Clean Corporation, a second generation, family owned and operated company, has been growing and evolving steadily since 1976 due to a need for safe, common sense approaches to industrial and commercial cleaning without any tricks or catches. We started out as a small manufacturer’s representative and industrial distribution company, but as different situations and markets presented themselves, soon we began supplying many diverse chemical products desired by our customers.

The more we asked of our products, the more they performed beyond our expectations, and at lesser costs than other chemical compounds. Safe-N-Clean easily replaces hazardous solvents and chemicals used each day that are a danger to people, land, water and the air.

We proceeded to manufacture and expand sales to many diverse markets. We are committed to expanding via a network of distributors and representative who possess product knowledge on all aspects of the Safe-N-Clean family of products and what they can do for you. Our focus is on product versatility, environmental safety and cost advantages.

We are here to serve in a friendly way, but with the most modern, leading-edge products and technology available to us.