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How can I order Safe-N-Clean products?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call! If we have a stocking distributor in your area, we will direct you to them. If not, we will see that your needs are taken care of directly until such a time as we find a distributor to serve you. Are help and advice available? Can I get help with a specific problem or situation? Yes. The Safe-N-Clean staff are available to provide technical support when needed. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, by phone or through this website.

Do you carry stronger chemicals?

Yes, but by special request only. Safe-N-Clean is often fortified with much harsher chemicals for specific applications. Call us any time with your requests.

How important is the right equipment to getting a good clean?

This is a hard question to answer. If your only cleaning job is something like one deck, once a year, anything that will move the dirt around will likely fit your needs. If, on the other hand, your living depends upon equipment that does not break down in the middle of a big job, using cheap cleaning equipment will cost you serious money.



Can I use Safe-N-Clean on air conditioner coils?

Because Safe-N-Clean is effective on both organic and inorganic dirt, grease and grime, it is often used in the cleaning of A/C coils and cooling towers. For most applications, Safe-N-Clean alone is very effective. However, additives such as bleach can be added in order to treat more extreme jobs. To test, apply Safe-N-Clean to a small portion of your coil, rinse and evaluate the results.

What kinds of distributors market Safe-N-Clean?

Because of its unique properties, many different types of distributors find Safe-N-Clean an appropriate fit to their markets. Small to medium-sized industrial distributors and specialty outlets, as well as welding and tool supply companies, all find use in stocking Safe-N-Clean.

Is Safe-N-Clean truly safe?

Safe-N-Clean has proven to be a product that is safe on almost any surface, whether it be painted, fabric, wood, metal or others. On skin, Safe-N-Clean has proven to be as safe as any common cleaner/degreaser as long as proper handling procedures are observed. In over 25 years, we have never had an instance in which Safe-N-Clean caused a problem.

Spatter Mist


Does Spatter Mist contain silicone?

No, Spatter Mist does not contain silicone or anything else that would contaminate your weld zone or affect your workplace environment, such as petroleum solvents, arsenic, silicates, chlorine, phosphates, boron, cresol, nitrates, sulfonates, enzymes, etc. Should you have a specific chemical compound that gives you concern, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we would be glad to affirm its presence or non-presence in Spatter Mist.

How will Spatter Mist work on flux cored wire spatter?

Flux core wire can be a challenge. We have found that Spatter Mist does an excellent job on the smaller diameter flux cored wire. For larger sizes, however, a stronger compound may be needed; in that case, we recommend using Spatter Mist XP. XP is a double-strength version of Spatter mist. Between the two compounds, your problem should be solved.

How long will Spatter Mist protect uncoated steel?

Spatter Mist, Spatter Mist XP and Safe-N-Clean cleaner/degreaser all have limited rust and other oxide protection capabilities. Being water-based products that are also 100% removable with plain water causes them to fall into a category of limited effectiveness. When both Spatter Mist and Safe-N-Clean are sprayed on steel and allowed to dry quickly, an easily removable protective coating will be applied. For outdoor storage in areas with high humidity, other products specifically designed to prevent rust should be used in addition to our products.

Does Spatter Mist contain water? Will it harm the machined parts of my fixtures?

Spatter Mist is a water-based product. You are right to have concerns about rust on your slides and machined parts, but Spatter Mist has a rust inhibitor incorporated into the formula. Spatter Mist XP has double the amount found in regular Spatter Mist and has proven very effective for this purpose. Despite this, we still recommend watching your fixtures closely, especially if you are located in a humid climate.

Can I use Spatter Mist to prevent rust?

Spatter Mist works to prevent rust under certain conditions. It is a water-based product, but contains an ingredient that does not offer rust protection in relatively dry conditions for a day or two.

Does Spatter Mist work on aluminum?

Generally, Spatter Mist does not do well on aluminum because it is a water-based product, and water and aluminum are not compatible in the weld zone. While we have received reports of people using Spatter Mist on aluminum, we do not recommend it. However, when it comes to steel and stainless steel, Spatter Mist is certain to outshine the competitors.

Can I safely use Spatter Mist on my welding fixtures?

Yes, Spatter Mist will leave a protective coating on fixtures that will allow easy wipe-off removal of both spatter and hydraulic oil in one wipe of a cloth. You’ll notice your copper and brass shunts staying cleaner and lasting two to three times longer, just because they are repelling more spatter.

Do I need to take any special precautions when using Spatter Mist?

We are not aware of any precautions needed relating to Spatter Mist. It can be sprayed on any surface that is not harmed by water. Spatter Mist is one of the safest–if not the safest–welding anti-spatter available.

Nozzle Honey


Why should I use Nozzle Honey in place of Spatter Mist?

Both items are the same base compound, but when you need to keep spatter from sticking to your mig nozzle area, Nozzle Honey works more economically due to the fact that you will not be wasting 80% of the spray pattern that overshoots the nozzle area.

Can I use Nozzle Honey on robots in an ultrasonic cleaning station?

Nozzle Honey will replace using the ultrasonic device. You can use Spatter Mist in your ultrasonic station with excellent results. Nozzle Honey is a new and very different formula than any other tip dip spatter blockers currently available. Contact us for a free sample of both products and you can determine which best fits your situation.

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