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Safe-N-Clean Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

SNC Family

Industrial cleanser degreaser

Safe-N-Clean is an unusual, environmentally friendly industrial cleaner/degreaser, different from anything else on the market. It is safe to use on virtually any surface imaginable as long as tap water is not a problem. Safe-N-Clean is gentle on skin, but powerful and fast on grease and grime. Applications include dirty and greasy metal, wood, plastic, most painted surfaces and cloth. Can also serve as a heavy equipment degreaser. Furthermore, it is unique in that is cleans both organic and inorganic grimes equally well.

Safe-N-Clean can also serve as a stable catalyst to carry a variety of chemicals for special one-of-a-kind applications. For examples of possible uses and general guidelines for use, visit our Applications page.

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Safe-N-Clean comes available in

275 gallon totes
55 gallon drums
5 gallon containers
1 gallon containers (4 per case)
24oz spray bottles (12 per case)

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