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Dust Control

Because of its amazing wetting ability, Safe-N-Clean is useful in areas where grading, access roads and construction areas create dust problems. Safe-N-Clean can be very effective in helping to control dust by reducing water consumption, watering equipment, and labor.

Add 5 gallons of Safe-N-Clean to 3,000 gallons of water in watering trucks or sprinkling system. Spray dust control areas as necessary to keep area damp and dust down. The hyper-wetting agents in Safe-N- Clean will cause the water to penetrate thoroughly, while the colloids attract the dust particles holding them together to form loam. Six to ten continuous applications on an area will give a good base depending on soil and dust conditions. Once a base is established, the ratio can be reduced to 1 gallon Safe-N-Clean to 3,000 gallons water. The frequency of application will be reduced and the total water volume will be decreased from one half to two thirds the quantity needed without Safe-N-Clean.

The combined action of colloids and wetting agents suggests the use of Safe-N-Clean in areas where dust particles in the air create a potentially explosive environment. In this case, use at a concentration of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 100 parts water and atomize into the air.

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