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As a manufacturing floor cleaner, use 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 15 parts water and apply to your floor by any convenient means. Then let stand for 15 minutes. Where oils and greases have heavy crusts, agitate with a stiff bristle broom. Check a small spot to be sure that all dirt, grease, oils, etc. have been picked up by the solution, then rinse, mop or squeegee clean. Although colloids are not considered bactericides, they can inhibit the growth of certain types of enzymes by removing trace metals essential to their nutrition and enzymatic reactions.

If extremely dirty, use 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 5 parts water the first time and thereafter 1 to 20, depending on how often your floor is cleaned and what type of floor it is. Safe-N-Clean will not affect acrylic type waxes.

When used correctly, Safe-N-Clean does a superb job of cleaning rugs and carpets. In carpet machines, use 80 to 100 parts water for each part of Safe-N-Clean . On spots or stains, sponge on at a concentration of 20 parts water to 1 part Safe-N-Clean and agitate with soft bristle brush if necessary. Then wipe off with towel.

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