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Hand & General Purpose Cleaner

For this description the concentration of Safe-N-Clean may be varied to fit the job; anywhere from a concentrated form a dilution of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 100 parts water. To determine the best mixture for a particular job, start with a mild solution and gradually increase it until the desired results are obtained. It is important to note that time and energy can be saved by allowing Safe-N-Clean to do most of the work. As such, on difficult areas we suggest that they cleaner be given time to penetrate and break loose the dirt, greases, oils and other soils from the surface before you attempt to wipe or rinse clean.

Below is a partial list of common items that can be cleaned and sanitized with Safe-N-Clean: air conditioners, appliances, ash trays, BBQ grills, cabinets, ceramics, chrome, copper, desks, chairs, driveways, exhaust grills, exteriors, filters, fireplaces & screens, jewelry, lamp shades, lanolin, lawn furniture, lawn mowers, linoleum, marble, naugahyde, office equipment, ovens, paint brushes, plastic cookware, records, refrigerators, shoes, silver, stainless steel, suede, vending machines, venetian blinds, and vinyl.

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