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Heavy Electrical Equipment

Oil field equipment, engine blocks, heavy equipment, floors, or any other surface where extra-heavy grease deposits occur, mix 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 1 part water. Adding kerosene, solvent or diesel fuel will make an emulsion that becomes thicker with repeated stirring. This thickness serves a very important function in that it causes Safe-N-Clean to cling to a vertical surface long enough to get the job done. Once the solution becomes smooth in consistency, apply Safe-N-Clean by spray method. The Hudson type sprayer is ideal for this purpose. Safe-N-Clean in a solvent emulsion usually works in about 20 to 30 minutes. When grease starts to slide, rinse off with high pressure water. For light to medium-heavy degreasing, mix 1 part Safe-N-Clean with 5 parts water and use in the same way.

A unique quality of Safe-N-Clean is that, when left on a surface, it will not completely evaporate. Leave Safe-N-Clean on the surface overnight and wash it down with high pressure water the next day. The results will be the same as if you had finished the job in sequence. If all Safe-N-Clean is thoroughly rinsed off with water, then the metal is left exposed and thus subject to rusting and corrosion. To inhibit this occurrence, a light oil film or a solution of no more then 5 parts water to 1 part Safe-N-Clean may be applied to the surface and left to dry.

Safe-N-Clean is also very effective in the cleaning of electrical equipment and components. Safe-N-Clean will remove the various metal oxides and inhibit re-corrosion, yet it will not result in any dimensional changes. It can be used to clean many electrical appliances and equipment and is very effective for use on the overhaul and repair of water meters, parking meters, copying machines, adding machines, calculators, typewriters, cash registers, computers, and more. For this type of application, a rule of thumb would be a dilution ration of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 10 parts water. Since Safe-N-Clean is a water based cleaning compound and therefore non-dielectric, it should be used to clean electrical equipment only when the equipment has been disconnected. Make certain that equipment is completely dry before reinstallation. Safe-N-Clean is very effective in ultrasonic cleaners. Best dilution ratios generally range near 150 parts water for 1 part Safe-N-Clean.

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