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Laundry Compound & Stain Remover

The use of Safe-N-Clean as a laundry compound will vary depending upon the type of operation.

For industrial laundries, where heavy oils, dirt, inks, etc. are removed, use 4 to 8 ounces per 50 lb load.

For home laundry, or where light soils are encountered, use 1 ounce of Safe-N-Clean for every 4 gallons of water.

For spot removal, use Safe-N-Clean straight from the bottle. Apply to the spot and rub back and forth between fingers to be sure Safe-N-Clean has completely penetrated the fabric, then launder as usual.

In some instances, Safe-N-Clean has removed old stains that have been laundered and pressed, the removal of which is extremely difficult. Safe-N-Clean may be used as an additive to regular laundry compound by the addition of 1 oz per load of clothing. After washing with Safe-N-Clean or using it as an additive to regular compounds, colors look brighter, whites look whiter, and fabric is soft and fluffy and smells genuinely clean.

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