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Safe-N-Clean can be used as an excellent lubricant on high speed conveyor systems or any system where a good non-pressure lubricant is required. In addition to serving in this way, it also substantially facilitates the cleaning of your system. This can be done simply by washing down an application of Safe-N-Clean with a garden hose, where it would be necessary to go through a whole cleaning procedure if an oil were used. Safe-N-Clean can be used in its concentrated form or diluted with small amounts of water.

For use as a coolant or lubricant in tapping, use 1 part Safe-N-Clean to approximately 5 parts water for optimum effectiveness.

For a lubricant for boring precision holes in aluminum castings, add Safe-N-Clean to the cutting fluid in order to obtain cleaner, smoother and finer finished holes. Safe-N-Clean has worked very well as a drawing compound on brass and steel.

In varying concentrations, Safe-N-Clean can handle many other lubrication roles as well. Safe-N-Clean may be used as a lubricant to increase the life and efficiency of metal-cutting saws. Safe-N-Clean may be used as a lubricant to increase the life and efficiency of metal cutting saws. For example, when used as a lubricant in cutting titanium and cold rolled steel, the “splash action” alone will result in a self-cleaning saw blade with the added advantage of elimination of rust formations. Cleaner cuts will be obtained and saw teeth will remain chip-free, without the loading effect. Research has shown that because of bacteria growth in cutting fluids, corrosion begins on parts while being formed on the machines. Bacteria reduces the life span of cutting tools by as much as 40%.

Since Safe-N-Clean is bacteriostatic in nature, it greatly reduces the occurrence of bacteria, solving many associated problems. As a cleaner for sumps, use 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 8 to 10 parts water and circulate for 30 minutes. The same solution may be used for washing down the exterior of the machine while the sump is cleaning. This mixture will destroy existing bacteria, and because of its colloidal action will remove metal filings that clog pressure lines and pumps. When the operation is complete, drain the sump and rinse to remove metal filings.

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