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Plastic Surfaces & Metals

Safe-N-Clean finds large use the cleaning of plastics because it is completely safe on plastic surfaces, has great risibility, and contains no petroleum solvents or detergents. Detergents in plastic cleaners can cause a process of deterioration that may not be immediately apparent. Repeated use of detergents will cause surface areas to become brittle, showing hairline cracks that are usually thought to be weather or age cracks. Solvents in plastic cleaners can cause crazing of stressed plastics, reducing and distorting visibility to such a degree that the entire distorted area becomes useless and must be replaced. Safe-N-Clean will not take the plasticizers out of plastics or otherwise harm them in any way. Mix 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 20 parts water, or go with a heavier concentration in extreme cases.

In soak or hand washing operations Safe-N-Clean is also an excellent cleaner for the removal of mill and processing oil. Safe-N-Clean may also be used in spray wash systems as is, where foam is no problem. In soak or hand operations, use Safe-N-Clean at an approximate concentration of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 30

parts water. The ratio can be changed to fit different conditions. In spray operations, start at a concentration of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 20 parts water.

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