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Safe-N-Clean finds a variety of uses in the Hotel and Restaurant industry in food service facilities and for general housekeeping. In kitchens, Safe-N-Clean may be used for soaking utensils or flatware before washing, resulting in a renewed shine and brilliance. Two ounces of Safe-N-Clean for each gallon of water produces excellent results. Roughly the same dilution may be used for soaking burned pots and pans.

Safe-N-Clean is very effective in cleaning the exteriors and interiors of walk-in and reach-in reefers, with the additional benefit of inhibiting, and in most cases eliminating the formation of mildew. A dilution ratio of 20 parts water to 1 part Safe-N-Clean should be used in this instance for cleaning and wiping down all stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Steam tables, stock pots, and coffee makers can be effectively cleaned at this dilution ratio, with no resulting scale in the steam tables and with no remaining residue in coffee makers and other equipment. Kitchen greases are effectively broken up by Safe-N-Clean at a dilution ratio of 10 to 20 parts water to 1 part Safe-N-Clean It easily cleans these greases, dirt and other soils from metal, plastic, tile, Formica, wood, rubber, fabric painted and other surfaces with no adverse effects. To clean ovens and fryers, heat the unit to a temperature of 140 degrees and apply Safe-N-Clean at a dilution ratio of 1 to 1 with water. If possible, let stand overnight and rinse down the following day when convenient, using a stiff bristle brush if necessary.

Safe-N-Clean is excellent for cleaning vents and hoods over kitchen ovens and ranges. Since it is completely non-flammable, the danger of grease fires resulting from inadequately cleaned vents, etc. is greatly reduced. In oven hoods having built in “detergent” or cleaning compound applicators, such as the Garlord hoods, Safe-N-Clean is exceptionally effective and should be used 1 to 1 with water. In such applications, Safe-N-Clean not only does a superior job of cleaning but will additionally reduce kitchen odors, reduce a potential fire hazard, and prevent the clogging and scaling of tubes, valves, and pumps within the hood itself. Safe-N-Clean has proven useful in relieving grease clogged sewers and drains in numerous instances. Since conditions vary from one situation to another, results will likewise vary. It is recommended that light ratios of Safe-N-Clean to water are used initially, gradually increasing the ratio until satisfactory results are obtained or until it becomes obvious that professional assistance is required.

As a general purpose kitchen cleaning agent, Safe-N-Clean is ideal. In addition to the aforementioned applications, it will effectively clean storeroom areas, food preparation and dispensing equipment, counter areas, dishwashers, sinks, cupboards, and restrooms. Safe-N-Clean makes an excellent hand cleaner at one to one with water (use concentrated if extremely dirty).

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