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Walls & Woodwork

As a wall cleaner, Safe-N-Clean does an exceptional job on virtually any surface. It is safe on paint and will not take the plasticizers out of acrylic type wall covering and wallpapers. For cleaning walls, it is recommended that the washing be done from the bottom up and the rinsing from the top down. This will

eliminate any potential streaking problems that otherwise occur on certain surfaces or on heavily soiled areas. For walls, one part Safe-N-Clean to 20 parts water is a good rule of thumb. Rinse with water or wipe off, whichever is appropriate. As a wood cleaner, Safe-N-Clean is also safe. It can be used on all woods, whether new or old, common or exotic.

Without any adverse effects such as spotting, streaking or raising of the grain, it can also be used in bowling alleys or on bowling pins, doors, desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, railings, and steps in the same dilution as for walls.

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