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Washing of Missiles

Mix Safe-N-Clean 1 part to 25 parts water and spray or brush on with a soft bristle brush. Agitate slightly with brush until dirt and soils begin to run. Rinse with high pressure, clean water. On exhaust tracks and rocket blast areas, use Safe-N-Clean at full strength. It is safe on all metals and is non-drying, so the soak or dwell time may be extended overnight if the job is heavy enough to require it. After Safe-N-Clean has completely penetrated the residue, agitate to break loose any hard carbon deposits. Once the carbon deposits and blast residue is suspended in solution, they will not redeposit even if the area is allowed to dry completely before rinsing. When the area is again wet down, it will reactivate the colloidal action of Safe-N-Clean , and rinsing will be spot free.

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