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“It has been a week since I started my tests on some of our equipment. I have seen a remarkable improvement not only in spatter removal but in the absence of spatter altogether in some areas. The Nozzle Honey makes tip changes much easier. Thank you for allowing me to show this product to my peers.”

– Kevin S. Whitney, TSTech North America

“I’m happy to report that out of the four anti-spatter products I tested, Spatter Mist XP did the best job. It provides easy removal of weld spatter and washes off clean in our powder coat process… Keep up the good work and don’t change your formulation.”

– Jim Baker, Steel Craft Corp.

“First off, the samples you sent were very generous and much more than most. My son is using the nozzle dip on his mig welder and says that it works great… I’ve had the guys spraying Spatter Mist on the welds prior to welding and following up and it leaves the weld clean and degreases at the same time. I will be placing an order in the future with your company.”

– Mike Moore, International Brass Works

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