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To remove crude oil and other petroleum products from the holds of tankers, Safe-N-Clean should be sprayed into the holds by low volume, high pressure pumps, with the use of revolving spinner heads that can be lowered into the hold. The process of spraying should commence as soon as possible after the ship is empty, to prevent the formation of volatile gases from the remaining crude oil or other petroleum residue. Continue the pumping process until Safe-N-Clean has covered the entire surface. For best results, this solution should be allowed to set for about one hour, after which the Butterworth system should be used for 30 to 45 minutes. It is important to note at this point that the Safe-N-Clean solution can be left on the interior of the holds for periods of time longer than one hour with no problem. The initial hour is recommended to give Safe-N-Clean time to break down the crude oil or like petroleum product. Longer periods will not decrease its efficiency, since complete evaporation will not occur.

After this procedure is complete, the hold should be clean and gas free. If any gases do remain, spray the interior of the hold with a mixture of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 20 parts water through the revolving spinner heads. This will leave the tank gas-free. Safe-N-Clean holds oil in solution and breaks it down to such a degree that it cannot stick back together. Once the reaction has occurred, the oil begins to lose its identity as an oil and takes on the characteristics of a water soluble. There is no reverse emulsion with Safe-N- Clean.

In bilge cleaning, approximately 8 gallons of Safe-N-Clean will disperse 70 gallons of oil from ship’s bilge. Agitate with 80 to 100 gallons of fresh or salt water. If at sea, the roll of the ship will agitate the solution sufficiently. If docked, beat it up with high pressure water until the oil transfers into the solution. When the cleaner has completely absorbed the lube oil, the mixture should look milky, and can be removed. Safe-N-Clean is very efficient on bunker “C” type fuel oil.

Safe-N-Clean is also excellent for swabbing down decks and bulkheads. It will not damage paint or wooden surfaces, and helps prevent rust on exposed surfaces. This mixture should be 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 20 parts water.

Small amounts of Safe-N-Clean can also be induced into the ship’s ventilation system by an atomizing spray to dispel foul air or odors. A mixture of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 10 parts water will effectively remove stack gases.

Additionally, Safe-N-Clean is excellent for small craft. A concentration of 1 part Safe-N-Clean to 20 parts water very effectively removes mildew from line, canopy, sails, rigging, and upholstery. The same mixture removes oil from bilge, decks, hull, engine, also salt water and salt water spots from windshield, deck and hull. Safe-N-Clean is completely safe to use throughout the craft because there are no ingredients to disturb the grain of fine wood, no chlorine to bleach painted surfaces, no detergent to deteriorate plastics and fiberglass, and no petroleum solvents to craze or warp plastics and fiberglass. It is equally effective in fresh AND salt water!

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