Nozzle Honey

Cleaner / Degreaser

What is weld spatter?

Weld spatter consists of droplets of molten metal or non-metallic material that are scattered or splashed during the welding process

What is anti-spatter?

Anti-spatter is a chemical used to protect workpieces, tables, jigs and fixtures from weld spatter buildup. The agent forms a barrier that makes spatter easy to remove after welding eliminating the need for excessive grinding or sanding.

Why choose us?

Our anti-spatters do not give off toxic fumes, smoke or burn.
They are silicone free and non-corrosive.
All of our products are environmentally friendly.
ALL of our products are proudly manufactured here in the USA!

Our products ship within 24 hours and come in the following sizes

Spatter Mist
275 gallon totes
55 gallon drums
5 gallon containers
1 gallon containers (4 per case)
24oz spray bottles (12 per case)

275 gallon totes
55 gallon drums
5 gallon containers
1 gallon containers (4 per case)
24oz spray bottles (12 per case)

Nozzle Honey:
16oz jars (12 per case)

For current pricing, shipping costs, or SDS information, please call.

Who We Are

Safe-N-Clean is a second-generation, family-owned-and-operated company that has been steadily evolving since 1976.  We saw a need for spatter and grease removal products in the welding industry and Safe-N-Clean was born.  With many years of practical hands-on and sales experience, we are able to take care of your needs with the best customer service possible.

Our Commitment to Quality

Focusing on product versatility, environmental safety, and cost-efficiency, we also commit to keeping our customer service consistently approachable and responsive. All of us at Safe-N-Clean are always determined to continue bringing you cutting-edge offerings and the latest technologies.

Our Vision for Expansion

Since day one, we have been determined to widen our reach, committing to a widespread product distribution via a network of dynamic retailers. Today, we take pride in having a number of product distributors and representatives throughout the Midwest. Call us to find a local supplier in your area. We serve customers from across the 50 states!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Safe N Clean

Yes, but by special request only. Safe-N-Clean is often fortified with much harsher chemicals for specific applications. Call us any time to order the products you need. 630-232-6421

This is a hard question to answer. If you’re doing a simple cleaning job, like cleaning a deck once a year, then anything that will move the dirt around will likely fit your needs.
On the other hand, if you’re a professional who regularly uses welding equipment, you should think twice before using any cheap cleaning product. This is to ensure the quality of your machines. Additionally, using lower priced items may cost you more in the long run.

Send us an email, give us a call, or order directly on our site! If we have a stocking distributor in your area, we will redirect you to them as well.

Yes! Our Safe-N-Clean staff is available to provide you with technical support whenever needed. Feel free to contact us via email, by phone, or through this website.

Spatter Mist Questions

Yes. Spatter Mist XP will leave a protective coating on fixtures, allowing easy removal for both spatter and hydraulic oil in one wipe of a cloth. You’ll notice your copper and brass shunts staying cleaner and lasting two to three times longer because they are repelling more spatter.

We are not aware of any precautions needed relating to Spatter Mist. However, we assure you that it is one of the safest welding anti-spatter products available! It can be sprayed on just about any surface that is not in contact with water.

No, Spatter Mist does not contain silicone or anything else that would contaminate your weld zone or affect your workplace environment. Our product also does not contain the following:

  • Arsenic
  • Boron
  • Chlorine
  • Cresol
  • Enzymes
  • Nitrates
  • Petroleum Solvents
  • Phosphates
  • Silicates
  • Sulfonates

Should you have any questions on a specific chemical compound, send us an email or give us a call! We would gladly affirm its presence or non-presence in the Spatter Mist formula.

Flux core wire can be a challenge. We have found that Spatter Mist does an excellent job cleaning the smaller diameter flux cored wire.

For larger sizes, however, a stronger compound may be needed. We recommend using Spatter Mist XP, a double-strength version of Spatter Mist. Between the two compounds, your problem should be solved.

As water-based products, the Spatter Mist, Spatter Mist XP, and Safe-N-Clean Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser all have limited rust and other oxide protection capabilities, as they are removable with plain water.

When both Spatter Mist and Safe-N-Clean Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser are sprayed on steel, a protective, yet easily removable coating will be applied. For outdoor storage in areas with high humidity, other products specifically designed to prevent rust should be used in addition to our products.

Spatter Mist is a water-based product. If you are concerned about the possible rust on your slides and machined parts, worry not because Spatter Mist has a rust inhibitor incorporated into the formula.

Spatter Mist XP has double the amount found in Spatter Mist and has proven to be very effective due to this. Yet, we still recommend watching your fixtures closely, especially if you are located in a humid climate.

Spatter Mist works to prevent rust under certain conditions. It is a water-based product. However, it contains an ingredient that does not offer rust protection in relatively dry conditions for a day or two.

Generally, Spatter Mist does not do well on aluminum because it is a water-based product, and water and aluminum are not compatible in the weld zone. While we have received reports of people using Spatter Mist on aluminum, we do not recommend it. However, when it comes to steel and stainless steel, Spatter Mist is certain to outshine the competitors.

Nozzle Honey Questions

Both items are formulated with the same base compound. However, when you need to keep spatter from sticking to your MIG nozzle area, Nozzle Honey works more economically due to the fact that you will not be wasting 80% of the spray pattern that overshoots the nozzle area.

Nozzle Honey can be used to replace ultrasonic devices and yield excellent results! The product carries a unique formula distinct from any tip dip spatter blockers currently available. You can request a free sample of our products, so you can determine which best fits your situation.