It’s Time to Say Bye-Bye, Grease and So Long, Grime!

Competitively priced, quality product solutions that will save you time and labor dollars.

Safe-N-Clean Degreaser

Safe-N-Clean is an unusual, environmentally friendly industrial cleaner/degreaser, different from anything else on the market. It is safe to use on virtually any surface imaginable as long as tap water is not a problem. Safe-N-Clean is gentle on skin, but powerful and fast on grease and grime. Applications include dirty and greasy metal, wood, plastic, most painted surfaces and cloth. Can also serve as a heavy equipment degreaser. Furthermore, it is unique in that is cleans both organic and inorganic grimes equally well.

Safe-N-Clean can also serve as a stable catalyst to carry a variety of chemicals for special one-of-a-kind applications.

SpatterMist Anti Spatters

Finally! An anti-spatter with no harmful solvents, odors or fumes–and it really works! Spatter Mist XP produces no fumes or foul odors and does not contain silicone. It will cause no discomfort to welders or surrounding workers!

Always apply Spatter Mist XP in a light mist. A little goes a very long way and it does not build up. When welding is completed, wipe with a damp or dry cloth to remove weld spatter, mill and process oil, and any other dirt or grime in the area. Note: You may find it helpful to spray on a little additional Spatter Mist XP during clean up to loosen caked-on grime. Excellent for slag removal. In most cases, parts are ready for painting at this point. You can also spray your fixtures–especially the copper and brass shunts-with a coating of Spatter Mist for the best electrical conductivity. You can then weld and wipe off as needed.

Looking for a more economical solution? Try our regular Spatter Mist & Slag Remover, a lower concentrate formula, to see if it will fit your unique needs.

Nozzle Honey

Nozzle Honey is a new concept in weld nozzle protection. Your nozzles can be dipped while new, keeping the spatter from sticking from the start. It makes no difference if the nozzle is hot or cold. Unlike petroleum or vegetable oil-based products, Nozzle Honey does not build up or drop into the weld zone. On robots, Nozzle Honey can replace expensive gun head cleaning stations, and all the parts on the arc end of MIG guns will last noticeably longer–as much as three to four times! Try it! You are going to like the results you get.