If you’re looking to save time and money (in labor dollars) when it comes to cleaning up welding spatters, Safe-N-Clean has an innovative solution that will work for you: our anti-spatter coating. This water-based anti-spatter coating is a high-quality, competitively priced product designed to provide spatter removal solutions for those in the welding industry.

Why Do I Need an Anti-Spatter Coating?

If you work or are involved in the welding industry, you understand that weld spatter can be an issue. These molten metal droplets — or nonmetallic materials — are easily scattered across the metal surface during the welding process due to the nature of this activity.

Our welder’s anti-spatter coating, SpatterMist, protects the metal you’re working on from weld spatter. This water-based coating prevents spatter buildup by creating a protective barrier. The chemicals in this coating also make spatter much easier to remove, as you won’t need to sand or grind the metal. It simply creates a temporary barrier to protect the metal and is easy to wipe off when you’re done with your welds.

In addition to being a safe product that does not give off toxic fumes, burn, or smoke, our anti-spatter coating is:

Environmentally friendly
Non-corrosive and silicone-free
Actually effective at cleaning metal surfaces
Manufactured in the USA
Water-based and temporary

So, if you’re tired of the intense amount of labor dollars you spend on spatter cleanup and would like a cheaper, faster solution, give SpatterMist a try.

For over 40 years we’ve provided expert cleaning solutions, including grease removal and anti-spatter coating, for the welding industry. Rely on our industry expertise, and try our innovative welding products today.

How Can I Order SpatterMist Anti-Spatter Coating?

If you’d like to try Safe-N-Clean’s anti-spatter coating, SpatterMist, give us a call, and we can give you current prices and shipping costs. Our products ship within 24 hours of the order date and are available in:

24-oz spray bottles (12 per case)
1-gallon containers (4 per case)
5-gallon containers
55-gallon drums
275-gallon totes

Call us at (630)-232-6421 to get started.